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Playing Tours

Join one of our touring teams, representing Onside United across the U.K. and Europe

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Onside Soccer is a charity dedicated to helping young people around the world through football. Since our inception we have led coaching tours to Albania, Uganda and India, weekend ministry tours to Barcelona and Madrid and since 2023 we have also offered playing tours each summer to Northern Ireland.

Coaching Tours

We have used coaching tours for two main purposes - to give U.K. based coaches the opportunity to use their skills and gain experience in a different environment and also to either establish or reinforce links in countries where we have close ties.  Our first coaching tour was to India in 2011, which led to the establishment of our first overseas project in Chennai, and we have subsequently taken groups to Uganda, Ireland and Albania, as well as returning to India.

Weekend Ministry Tours

Our weekend ministry tours combine visiting a European destination, attending a top tier football match and spending time practising our faith, whether as a group or in partnership with the local church.  Our main destination in the past has been Spain, with groups visiting Barcelona and Madrid, having an opportunity to see some of the world's top football stars in action and also spending time hearing from God.

Playing Tours

Our playing tours are open for our junior players, with teams visiting Northern Ireland to play matches, do some sight-seeing and to enjoy the experience of touring as a team. 

Upcoming Tours

December 2023 - Matchday Weekend

Glentoran vs Linfield, Belfast, 2nd December 2023

Lads & Dads ministry weekend


August 2024 - Northern Ireland playing tour

Open to players registered at Onside Carshalton project

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