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Onside United is the name used by all of our teams who play matches against external opposition, whether that be friendly matches, touraments or at national league level.  Although our players may be separated by many miles, by age or ability level, they all wear the same badge and are all equally valued.

Part of our mission is to see people united through their passion for football.  We wanted to create a corporate identity whereby anyone representing Onside Soccer at any level of the game would feel part of something bigger than just a football club.  We wanted to create a link between people, especially young people, where they could see clearly that although their circumstances may be different, that they had a bond and were part of the Onside family.

To fulfil our vision of bringing people together we developed a team name and a badge which would be worn on the shirts of any team representing Onside Soccer.  The name 'Onside United' was chosen to show that we are all part of the Onside family, with our badge inscribed with the motto 'Deus Spes Mea', which means 'God is our Hope' representing the faith based principles of the organisation.

Currently we have Onside United teams playing at different levels in Europe, Africa and Asia, from our men's team competing at national league level in the Gambia, through to our U10 boys winning the London Churches Football Tournament.  Win, lose or draw, we are immensely proud of each of our players and hope they value their time wearing the Onside badge.

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