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Player Sponsorship


Sponsoring one of our players, such as Sanjay, Mustapha or Abdoulie (pictured left), has the potential to make a huge difference in their lives.  Sponsorship of £18 per month provides:

· Assistance with educational fees, supplies and uniforms

· Nutritional food for the player and his family

· Regular health check-ups

As a sponsor of a player you can expect:

· A player profile, detailing the player you sponsor, information about their location and the Onside project they attend

· An opportunity to write to your sponsored player

· Regular updates on scores and how your player is performing

· A team photograph

· Your details included on our website as a player sponsor

We are also running a player2player sponsorship package this year, allowing our younger players in the U.K. to sponsor an overseas player.  For only £6 a month our junior players will be connected with an overseas player and updated with regular information about their sponsored player.


Coach Sponsorship

Sponsoring one of our coaches like Pascal or Patrick will make a real difference to what we can do.  Sponsorship of a coach costs £25 per month.  As the cost of living increases worldwide your sponsorship will help provide:

· A coaching kit, including uniform and coaching equipment

· Mentoring resources to help engage with young people

· Assistance with transportation fees.  The cost of travelling in the developing world has sky-rocketed and your donation will help provide transport to allow our coaches to reach their projects

As the sponsor of a coach you an expect:

· A coach profile, detailing the coach you sponsor, information about their football project and their geographical location

· Regular score updates on the team your coach looks after

· A team photograph

· Your details included on our website as a team sponsor

Sponsorship is easy.  Simply click on the 'Sponsor' button below, choose who you would like to sponsor and then set up your monthly payment of either £6, £18 or £25.

Alternatively, just fill out the attached form and return it to us, either at or by mail to Onside Soccer, 57 Banstead Road, Carshalton, Surrey SM5 3NS

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