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Tackling Malaria

Although our primary focus has always been sports ministry, as we have visited different places in the developing world it is always very clear that malaria is a huge problem. Nets play a big part in both football and basketball, as well as many other sports, but they also play a big role in the prevention of malaria. 


It is estimated by the World Health Organisation that malaria causes the death of well over 500,000 people per year, which is a staggering figure. As an organisation, we feel that if we can help with this problem in any way at all it is something well worth doing, which is why we have set up a small project called 'Operation Nets'.  The sole purpose of Operation Nets is the supply and distribution of mosquito nets to those who need them most.

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Operation Nets in Uganda

In March 2014 we distributed our first batch of nets to a number of locations in Lira, Uganda through our good friends Ian and Shelagh Baird-Smith.  Ian and Shelagh have a huge heart for Uganda and took a small batch of 20 nets with them on their latest visit.  They gave 5 nets to the senior ladies of the Mothers Union within Abilonino Parish, near Lira (pictured above), plus another 5 for needy families within the same parish.  The remaining 10 nets were distributed between the Keframa College in Barr, near Lira, and the Prime Nursery and Primary School in Dokolo, about 40 minutes from Lira.   

Although this is only a drop in the ocean we hope that we will be able to send more nets across to Uganda in the near future. Working alongside Ian and Shelagh means that we are 100% sure that nets are being given to those who need them most. A net bought locally costs in the region of £2.50 - £3.00 each - a small price to pay for potentially saving someone's life! If you would like to donate to buy some more nets and help us with this project please get in touch via the link below.  We guarantee that any funds raised for nets will go in their entirety to this life saving work.

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