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What happens each day at the camp?  When the children arrive each day at 10am they will be registered and escorted to the playing area to meet their coaches.  Each day will have a similar format with skill exercises, fun drills, competitions, small sided games and matches.  The camp will finish each day at 3pm sharp and children will be escorted to the school foyer for pick-up by parents.

What does 'Bible Talk' mean?  Each day we will have a guest speaker coming along to give a 15 minute Bible talk.  This is a fun segment of the camp similar to talks given at school assemblies.  Every day will also open with a quick prayer.

Can my child still come along if they don't want to take part in this segment?  Of course!  The camp is inclusive and open to everyone within the specified age bracket.  Much as we want everyone to participate in every aspect of the camp if you don't want your child to take part in the talk we will have staff available to lead them in a different activity while they wait.

Why isn't the camp open to younger children like your normal weekly sessions?  As children will be with us for 5 hours each day we felt that younger children would struggle to cope with focusing for such a long period of time.                        

How many staff will you have on site?  This depends on the number of children attending but each day we will have a minimum of 5 staff members on site, which includes a welcome and registration team, fully qualified coaches and First Aid personnel and additional helpers.  All staff are fully trained and thoroughly vetted.

What happens if it rains?  We hope in July that the weather will be fine.  Unfortunately, the school does not have an indoor sports hall available so if it rains the camp will carry on outside.  Please ensure that children bring suitable clothes should the weather be wet or cold.                        

What do children need to bring/wear?  Please ensure that your child turns up in suitable clothing in which to play football, including suitable footwear.  The playing surface is a hard court.  Indoor or Astro turf trainers will be fine.  Shin-pads must be worn each day.  Children will also need to bring their own packed lunch and enough water or drinks to last them through the day.                        

What if my child can't attend the full week?  Children can sign up for as many days as they wish, whether that just be for one day or the full week.  The benefit of signing up for the full week is that it works out cheaper but you can book individual days if needed.  The cost per day is £20 per child.                        

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