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Why change the structure?

As an organisation we are growing and we want to provide the best possible football training for your children.  As players get older one session every fortnight simply isn’t enough.  They need to train regularly, ideally with the same coach and with the same players, so that they can develop their skills and learn how to play the game both as an individual and as part of a team.


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Onside Soccer has been working in Carshalton for a few years now and we have grown massively from our first few sessions in Stanley Park with three kids and one coach to what you see today.  It is important for us as an organisation  to keep growing and, more importantly, meet the needs of the children who come along to our training sessions.  From September 2018 we are therefore changing how we operate.


Currently we hold training sessions once a fortnight for children of all ages.  For our younger players aged 3-5 years old this structure will stay the same.  Training will still be held once every two weeks at 2pm on Sunday afternoons with Coaches Paul, Jo, Yu Sheng, Kevin and Dan.


Onside League

For the older players aged 6-10 years old, however, we are introducing a new Onside League, with four new teams competing against one another for points throughout the course of the season.   Football sessions will be held every Sunday afternoon at 2pm with three of the sessions per month focused on training, with the other Sunday in the month reserved for our ‘MATCH-DAY’, which is when the teams compete against one another.  The badges of our four new teams are shown opposite and, once you have signed your child/children up for the season they will be allocated to a team.  Each team will have two Coaches who will manage the team throughout the course of the season to provide continuity.  The season will run from September right through until July 2019, with points awarded for wins and draws (just like any other league) but also for fair-play, teamwork, etc. 

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What format will the league take?

‘League games’ will take place one Sunday per month and will be played on a small pitch in a five-a-side format.   Each match will last 15 minutes and every team will play against each other.  Points will be awarded for wins and draws and we will have a monthly winner and an overall winner for the whole season.  Additional points will be awarded for fair-play, teamwork and other positive aspects of the game.

How can I sign my child up for the league?

We have attached all of the information you will need in a PDF which you can find below.  This includes a sign up form, a standing order form and calendar.  Please download the information, fill in the relevant forms and send it back to us.  We will then get back to you with more details.  Please be aware that although a child can join a team during a season there may be a waiting list so we would advise contacting us directly to ensure that there is a space for your child to avoid disappointment.

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Onside League Registration PDF

(Click the icon to download)

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