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Free Coaching Manual

After working for over six years establishing soccer academies in the developing world we know how hard it can be for coaches to source high quality coaching material and training programmes.  As an organisation we would like to try to address the problem as best we can and try to help out wherever we are able.  It would be impossible for us to respond to every request we receive for training equipment and soccer kits, much as we would like to, as the costs involved are too high for a small charity like ourselves to sustain.  We can supply, however, a structured training manual which provides a tailored 30 week programme specially designed for coaches in the developing world who train young players aged from 9-15.  The programme has been designed by two very talented and successful coaches from the 'Soccer Italian Style' Academy, Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri and includes technical warm-ups, conditioning, coordination and agility exercises, technical practices, tactical/game situations and small sided games. 


To receive the coaching manual for free please download the 'Coach Viewer' app. using the link below. 







Once you have downloaded the software please fill in the form below.  We will then upload the book to your software and you will be able to access it.

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