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In this section of the website you will find resources based around the 15 week 'Onside Goals' programme, which is a mentorship programme designed to look at the links between sport and life, drawing out the positive elements we find within sport and putting them into the context of everyday life.  We have three sections of resources:  Lesson plans, which are detailed below, Football training videos and Testimony Videos.  All of this content is designed to give you some ideas and inspiration for your own presentations and team talks.  It is a foundation for you to start building your own library of resources.  After all, you know you own players and you know what will be useful for them and what they will find interesting.  Our programme is not meant to be restrictive - it is designed to inspire you as a coach to reach your players, make them better footballers but also to develop them as people.  We wish you every success as you carry on with the vital role you play in your community and look forward to hearing from you as you continue you your coaching journey.




Welcome to the Onside Soccer Affiliate Coach Programme



6. Integrity
7. Skill
11. Honesty
13. Consistency

Mentorship Structure


The diagram on the left looks at the areas we will cover and clicking on the arrow tabs will take you to a new web page where you will find a brief overview of the topic, some muitimedia which can be shown to your players and some PDF files for you to download.  The PDFs contain a structured lesson plan, a Biblical talk on the specified subject and also a secular talk.


It is possible to use this programme in a 'stand-alone' format alongside your regular coaching format or to use it in conjunction with the e-book 'Soccer Camp Coaching Programme' which you should have received as a member of the Onside Affiliate Coach Programme.  The e-book is divided into six weeks (or 30 days) of daily training sessions and the 'Onside Goals' programme is designed to fit in with this structure, allowing you to deliver mentorship talks each day, therefore covering each topic twice.

For example, on Week 1, Day 1 you can cover 'Respect', Week 1, Day 2 can look at 'Friendship' and so on.  By the time you have worked through the e-book you should have gone through the 'Onside Goals' programme twice.


We recommend having talks no longer than 10-15 minutes so that your players remain engaged and would advise giving your talk during a break for drinks half way through rather than at the start of the session (when the players want to get started) or at the end (when they just want to go home).


Below we have included some information for you to download which covers topics like 'Setting up a Coaching Session', 'Code of Conduct', etc. and also some tools to allow you to plan your sessions in a structured way.  We hope you find the resources useful.

Coach info: Setting up a Session

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