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About Us

Soccer is the people's game.  We love playing it, watching it, talking about it and supporting our favourite team - life wouldn't be the same without it!  Wherever you go in the world people love soccer and we feel that everyone, no matter what their background or circumstances should be able to take part in 'o jogo bonito'.  Onside Soccer was founded in 2009 as a charity to help young people from impoverished communities in the developing world play the sport they love in a safe and inclusive environment.

As a charity based on Christian principles we also wanted to feed positively into the lives of the young people with whom we came into contact.  To do this we developed a mentorship programme called 'Onside Goals' which took the positive aspects of soccer, such as teamwork, communication and all these other great things that a team sport fosters, and we try to incorporate these into our training sessions. 


Since 2009 we have helped lots of churches and sports organisations set up football camps and academies in their own communities, training local coaches and equipping them to run top quality training programmes for local kids right in the middle of their own neighbourhoods.  We have helped establish sports programmes in Madagascar, Nigeria, South Africa, and Iraq as well as here in the U.K. and we also have permanent Onside projects in Uganda, Gambia and India, with hundreds of children and young people attending each week.

Become part of the Onside Soccer team today!

If you’re interested in travel, social justice, or just kicking a ball about with the local kids, you can get involved with us today. It’s as simple as signing up to our newsletter, giving us a like on Facebook or following us on Twitter.By joining us you’ll stay in touch with what we’re doing. You’ll hear about opportunities to support us and to get involved in our activities.

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