Sponsor a Coach in the Developing World

One of Onside Soccer's most important assets are our coaches.  Without them it would be impossible for us to facilitate so many children coming along to our projects every week.  The role of the coach is vital as they are our first point of contact with the community and for many of the children attending training they play a pivotal role in their lives.  It is therefore very important that we choose our coaches wisely, train them properly and invest in them as much as possible.

To upskill all of our coaches we have launched an entry level training qualification and in April 2017 we will be sending one of our UK Coach Educators to Uganda to test out this pilot training programme.  All of our coaches also receive detailed training programmes for young players and we supply them with training kit and equipment to ensure they feel part of the Onside family and also to create a professional image.

All of this costs money and this is where we are asking for some help with our new 'Sponsor a Coach' scheme.  A sponsorship of £15 per month will ensure that our coaches continue to receive training, have their expenses covered as the reach out to their own communities and will also ensure that they have the equipment and kit they need to provide high quality training sessions.


If you can commit to financially supporting one of our coaches we will send you a welcome pack detailing the Coach you will be supporting and providing information on the location of his/her training sessions and the children who come along.  We will also provide regular updates on the work carried out and the progress of the team.


To sponsor a coach please click HERE or use the 'Donate' button at the top of the page, choosing the 'Make a monthly donation' option.