Onside Soccer is a key part of Onside Ministries and specialises in working with local churches, mainly in the developing world, to assist them set up football training events and academies as part of their outreach to the community and giving young people a chance to play football in a safe and encouraging environment.  The coaching programme we use is tailored to allow local coaches to run training sessions professionally and in a structured format.  We also run a mentorship programme in conjunction with our football programme (click here for further information) which focusses on key elements of sports coaching and looks at how these topics translate to everyday life.


Professional Coaching


Onside Soccer has partnered with the 'Soccer Italian Style' Academy to design a football coaching programme  tailored to the needs of the coaches we work with in the developing world.  The 'Soccer Italian Style' Academy was founded in 2005 by two Italian coaches, Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri, and is one of the most widely respected football academies in Italy.  Both Mirko and Simone are professional youth coaches, with Mirko currently coaching Serie A side Fiorentina's Under 16 team and Simone coaching the Empoli Under 13 side.  They have written a number of coaching books and journals and the programme they have designed for Onside means that the children and young people who come along to our training sessions receive a professional level of coaching completely free of charge.


 ​Interested in joining us?


We also facilitate teams of volunteers going on short term trips to each of our project locations to assist in the running of the academies and to get a glimpse at how effective sports ministry can be.  All of our trips are different and specifically designed around who comes along.  Whatever skill set you have, we want to put it to good use.  Our trips are challenging and will give you the opportunity to take real ownership of your experience as you work alongside your fellow volunteers and local coaches.  It doesn't matter if you have never done any coaching before - you will always be working alongside experienced coaches and all of our trips are designed to allow you to get the most from your experience.  For further information on coaching with Onside please visit our coaching page here.