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The Onside League
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The Onside League is an internal competition played monthly from September to July each year.  In late August, prior to the season commencing, all of our players are allocated to an Onside team, either Sharks, Tigers, Dragons or Eagles, each with a manager, assistant manager, playing kit and local sponsor.  Matches then commence in September and October.

We have two divisions (the junior division for school years 3 - 5 and senior division, for school years 6 - 8) and players are allocated as evenly as possible to ensure that the teams are all reasonably equal.  One Sunday per month the teams play against one another in 15 minute matches, with points awarded for wins, draws, clean sheets, goals scored and sporting behaviour.  At the end of the season the points are totted up and the winning team in each division presented with the Sir Stanley Matthews Memorial Cup.




League Fixtures 22/23

If your child would like to play in the Onside League they need to register with us.  The relevant forms are attached below and should be returned to  Once registered they will be allocated to a team.  Match Days are held once a month and we ask that all registered players attend on those specific days.  On non Match Days training will carry on as normal, with all pre-booked children able to attend.  It is assumed that children participating in the league will attend each Match Day so these sessions do not need booked in advance.  All children, regardless of being registered to play in the league, must be pre-booked to guarantee their place for non-Match Days.  Due to the popularity of Onside Soccer and the need to keep numbers under control we cannot guarantee that your child will be able to play if they are not booked into our system in advance.  Bookings can be made here.

Junior Division                                 Senior Division

25th September,                              9th October

16th October                                    30th October

20th November                               27th November

11th December                                18th December

15th January                                    22nd January

19th February                                  26th February

19th March                                       26th March

23rd April                                         30th April

21st May                                          14th May

18th June                                         25th June 

9th July                                            9th July

* Please note, all dates are proivisional and subject to change.  To ensure that matches are taking place, please check the website regularly.

The Onside League prides itself on being a programme for local children, supported by the local community.  Each team is sponsored by a local company and the league is designed to introduce children to playing competitive football, but in a controlled and supportive environment.  All of our managers and players adhere to a strict code of conduct and our objective is always the best interests of each player and their development, both on and off the pitch.

Participation in the league is free of charge.  Onside Soccer and our sponsors want local children to be able to play football and believe that financial constraints shouldn't  preclude them from taking part. 




Onside Tigers.JPG

Team Sponsors 22/23

To allow us to run the league this year we would like to say a huge thank you to our team sponsors for their support, which allowed us to buy portable goalposts, footballs and all of the other equipment required to function.  It is only through their commitment to the project and local sport, as well as that of our coaches who all volunteer their time, that we are able to run the league without charge. 

It is great businesses and volunteers like these who make our community what it is.  A huge thank you also to the individuals who decided to support the project as well.

- V & V Home Services                        - Lee Gray

- Sutton Striders                                  - The Pike Family

- Talent Wins Out                                 - Andrew Holt

- Future Self Solutions                        - Stephen Wilson

- FC Sutton HKers

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