Onside Soccer's focus in India is Chennai where in 2011, in partnership with the Dr John Joseph Foundation, the Onside Soccer Academy was founded as an outreach to children and young people across India.


Our team in India is headed up by Churchill Joseph, who oversees the work of the football academy and also handles all logistics for visiting teams.  He is ably assisted by Masthan Khan, who joined the team in 2017.  Masthan is a well known football freestyler.


The Onside Soccer Academy

The Onside Academy is a football academy which holds two training sessions every week.  The Academy is free of charge and is open to players from all backgrounds, ages and religions. Training sessions last approximately 90 minutes, with players learning the skills and tactics of the game with each training plan specifically designed to incorporate structured life lessons as well.  On average, 70 young players attend the sessions every week and receive professional coaching from our two fully qualified football coaches.  The Academy also has a team which plays friendly matches against other local sides.  The Academy meets at Emma Foulger Matriculation Higher Secondary School, Chennai.​​

Want to Visit?

We usually run coaching tours to Chennai every May.  Although it is the hottest time of the year it is also the time when the kids are off on school holidays and looking for something to do.  We send teams across to set up football training sessions every day, culminating in a tournament day at the end of the week.  We are always looking for more people to help us run the training sessions and if you would like to join us we would love to hear from you!  Apart from coaching you will be able to get involved in some social action projects, see other organisations who already work in Chennai, do some sight-seeing and maybe even get a chance to take in a cricket match from the IPL. For full details of trips please visit our Tours page here.

Onside Soccer

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