Onside Training Manual

Below you will find three PDFs which contain our latest training manual, written by Onside Soccer in conjunction with Mirko Mazzantini and Simone Bombardieri of 'Soccer Italian Style'.  Mirko and Simone are top youth coaches working in the Italian Serie A with AFC Fiorentina and Empoli FC.  It contains techniques and drills used by European teams and has a proven track record of success.  You can use the drills in the order we have suggested or come up with your own session plan each week.  Ultimately you know your players and what they require so you should adapt the manual accordingly to meet your own needs. 

We hope that you enjoy using the manual, that you find it useful and that it brings you success with your teams.  The manual is free for you to use, print out and distribute to your coaches.  All that we ask is that if you do use it, please let us know and if possible, send us photos and videos of your sessions.  We would be very happy to receive them and to publicise your great work to the wider football community through our links.

Best wishes,

Paul and the Onside Team

Manual, Part 1
Manual, Part 2
Manual, Part 3